Friday, October 31, 2008

Walking on and on and on and on ...

One after the other

Good coffee f***ing ROCKS

Molly Melon(e)


I kill you ;-)

The bartender makes us happy

The haunted house ;-)

Search the dwarf

Halloween boat-trip

The brownies


More boats


It's Getting nicer

Party bus early in the morning

Holland is ready,too

Ready to walk on

The ticket to the John Brown walking team



9:30 a.m.

The first Fanwalk couple

Kürschat still sleeping

Briefing with Troy

...yummy :)

English breakfast

Still busy

Busy cooks

8:00 a.m.


It's Halloween ;-)

Loading the truck

A catholic church

Waiting for the bus

Another day another coffee

Fanwalk chaos

My first two wristbands ;)

Savety is very important

Time to sleep

Anna from Vieanna


He likes girls who are 'blond und zugänglich'

Harry - the soul of the Fanwalk

The 'we are not pregnant' band

Dave and Pink

Sing with us

A mummy

The Party-table